Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here we go!

Hi I'm Annette Whelan, a fused glass artist who will admit that I am stepping into the unknown here and haven't a clue how to create a blog so please be patient! My family and friends have encouraged me(nagged and bullied me) into giving this blog a go!

So here I am a shy artist who finds her confidence in the haven of her workshop. My story of working with glass began about 12 years ago but my love of craft work started as a child encouraged by my mother I loved arts and crafts and tried any craft pack I could get my hands on. All through school I intended to live the dream and go to art college but things changed along the way(I chickened out!) and I side stepped into studying business in college instead. After college I went to work in an office for a few years working the 9 to 5 routine and like the cliche goes 'I just felt that something was missing?' Then one day I was walking home from work I wandered into an art shop, picked up some glass paints and thought...mmmm that's interesting!.. and I have never looked back!

From there with the help and support of my family and boyfriend(now husband) I left my 'good safe' job and opened up my own craft shop 10 years ago this summer. When I think back it always amazes me just how supportive my parents and husband were. Here I was with a crazy idea to leave my job and working with glass full time but they never once told me I was nuts(even though I'm sure they thought it!) My shop (which my Mum has been the complete driving force behind)is a pretty white washed stone building located approximately 1 mile outside the charming fishing village of Kilmore Quay in Co. Wexford(Ireland). In the beginning I developed my hand painted designs and explored the exciting world of stained glass which was totally thrilling and rewarding to work with. However about 6 years ago an idea popped into my head to buy a kiln. Another one of my crazy ideas which I had not researched, having no idea about fusing glass or what I was going to do with it I purchased my 1st kiln. I played around with it for a few years not realising its full potential then one day I decided to slump my first bowl and discovered my lasting passion for fused glass. My work and my shop have taken a new direction and fused glass has taken over.

Quick look inside my shop!

My fused glass can be described as fun and funky yet beautiful and functional(I hope you agree!) I love making fused glass one-off pieces which would fit easily into any home. I love to get up in the morning and open my kiln and see what I have made. I am constantly trying to come up with new shapes and colour combinations. My favourite pieces to make at the moment are my lamps, each one is unique I never make the same one twice so it is very exciting to work on. Here are just a few I have made, I hope you like them!

I am constantly trying to develop my craft, push the boundaries and find new ways to work with glass. This winter I started to fire fused glass with silver in my kiln to make a new range of jewellery for the shop (I'm afraid I have found another addiction)I have found this thrilling to see how a beautiful piece of glass can be combined with silver to take on a whole new life. I will admit I am quite nervous about launching this new medium in the shop worried if people will like them?(fingers crossed they will be a success can't bare the thought of not being able to develop this craft more as I'm addicted)I would be grateful if you could have a quick look and maybe give me some feed back... (even if my ego doesn't like it) Good news while I have been trying to write this blog I have sold my 1st piece of jewellery in the shop I'm thrilled it's just made my day!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my blog and I hope you will stop by again. If you like my work and you happen to be in Wexford please feel free to drop into my shop. My shop is open:

May to September : Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm

Sunday Closed.

For the rest of the year give us a ring on 0539129628 to arrange a time when someone can open the shop for you.


  1. well done! love the blog, cant wait to read more!

  2. Love the blog,cant wait to see more creations!

  3. Very interesting work. The jewelry is reminiscent of Murano glass. Very elegant. Looking forward to seeing how the designs develop.

  4. Hi Annette
    You have developed and expanded your product range since I was last down in Kilmore Quay (a number of years ago!). Well done, it looks great. I look forward to visiting your shop again.